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International Latin Olympiad

The International Latin Olympiad is a week-long biennial event held in Rome beginning in July 2023 for the world’s top Latin students. Consisting of competitions, sightseeing opportunities, cultural events, and more, the ILO provides students with an incredible chance to deepen one’s study of Roman Civilization while meeting other students from around the world with similar interests in the Latin language and the ancient world.





National Latin Bee

2023 International Latin Olympiad
  • July 24-30, 2023

  • St. Stephen’s School, Rome, Italy

  • The International Latin Olympiad will be held every two years in Rome, beginning in 2023. The initial field cap will be 75 students. Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Varsity Divisions, along with a series of events and sightseeing opportunities for parents will be offered. Please contact for further details. Ave atque vale!


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