Salvete! International Academic Competitions is delighted to announce the launch of the biennial International Latin Olympiad on July 24-30, 2023 at St. Stephen’s School in the heart of Rome, Italy, and the online annual National Latin Bee, beginning in May 2022!

For the past 11 years, IAC has organized competitions in history, geography, science, political science, the humanities and more, but for the first time, we are now going to be organizing competitions for students learning Latin! Our new International Latin Olympiad will be held biennially, with qualifying beginning in the 2021-22 academic year. Alongside the ILO, IAC will also be organizing the International French Olympiad, the International Spanish Olympiad, and the International Austrian Cultural Olympiad (which will have both German-language and solely English tracks). The foreign language Olympiads will be in development throughout 2021 and 2022, with the final program for the ILO set to be in place by when registration opens (September 2022) for the 2023 ILO in Rome. IAC is deeply indebted to St. Stephen’s School for providing an incomparable venue for the International Latin Olympiad, which is within easy walking distance of the Coliseum, Circus Maximus, Roman Forum, and many other sites.

As a further opportunity for students to hone their Latin skills in an exciting and enriching way, IAC is also launching the National Latin Bee, featuring pyramidal (i.e. paragraph-length) style quiz questions in Latin. Participation in the National Latin Bee does not require prior qualification, though by finishing in the top 60% of students in one’s age group it provides an alternative way to qualify for the International Latin Olympiad. Further information is available through the links on the menu bar. For all questions, please contact